Is It Okay to Skip Class in College?

It’s raining outside, you’re tired from the wild party the night before and you just don’t feel like going to class. So you think: my class is huge, my professor never notices me anyway. I can skip. What’s the worst that can happen?

While you certainly won’t get expelled from playing a few days of hooky, if you make skipping class a habit, you will suffer from a lower GPA. How? Depending on your professor, some have strict attendance policies. They allow you anywhere from two to three days of unexcused absences. After that, some professors knock down an entire letter grade from your final grade in the class and even threaten to drop you from the class entirely if you have too many absences during the semester. Professors verify your attendance in a variety of different ways, including calling your name from a roll sheet, giving you assigned seating, or requiring you to sign a piece of paper with your student identification number attached to it to make sure it truly is you and not a friend covering for you. If your professor does give you a limited number of absences, just be sure to use them wisely.

While not all of your professors will have strict attendance policies, it is still your responsibility to make up the class work that you miss from skipping class. Some professors will post everything from lectures notes and assignments on class management Web sites, but there are some that do not. It’s important to know that some questions on exams are sometimes directly derived from your professor’s lectures and cannot be located in your textbook. So even if you read, it can be of little use. Skipping class can directly affect your GPA if you do not have a classmate who is willing to fill you in on the information you missed. And if your professor does not post assignments and skipping class is habitual, you can forget about approaching them for help when you need it. They take mental records of students who are always showing up late and those who don’t come at all.

Lastly, when you get the urge to skip class, take into consideration all of the money your parents are spending for your education. How are you expected to learn when you’re not in class? Don’t waste your parent’s, or your, money.

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