Cheap Transportation Around Campus

For those of you who live on large college campuses or a few blocks away, you might consider getting some cheap form of transportation to get around. Of course, you can always walk, but there are going to be days when you’re late and need to get somewhere in a hurry, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in something that could help you out in the long run.

The first form of transportation we recommend will fit in the pocket of your wallet or purse: a bus pass. Often, many cities and campuses will have integrated bus systems that allow students to travel around campus and to and from other locations. With a bus pass, you can easily just add money to the card every month, and you’ll have an efficient and reliable form of transportation throughout the school year.

But maybe you don’t like sharing your ride with others, but you still live too far away to ride a bicycle. Then maybe a motorized scooter is right for you. These little scooters are often street legal up to certain speed limits and either run on electricity or very little gas. They are a cheap alternative to driving, that’s for sure. On many campuses, you can park them next to the building or in a designated parking area closer to school. Be careful in traffic, though; drivers can’t often see scooters.

If riding the bus or a motorized scooter is not an option, but you’re still looking at covering long distances, you should consider purchasing a road bike. You can find these at pawn shops, thrift stores, or used at bicycle shops for relatively cheap. Grab a helmet, a headlamp, a lock and tire repair kit, and you’re ready to pedal around campus. Just be wary, as bikes get stolen quite often. If you know you’ll be gone for a while, don’t leave the bike locked outside.

A long-board, which is basically a skateboard on bigger wheels with a longer deck, is also a great way to get around campus, especially if your campus is relatively flat and has good pathways. Students can expertly maneuver these long-boards around campus at pretty fast speeds. If you have good balance, then maybe this is the right thing for you. The added bonus is you can carry these into the classroom, so you won’t have to risk getting it stolen.

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