Are You Computer-Savvy Enough to Take an Online Class?

1) How do you prepare to take a vacation?

2) Do you own a home computer with virus-protected Internet access that’s higher than dial-up and have at least a basic understanding of how to use email, add/open attachments, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office (especially WORD), and file management?

3) How much time do you typically spend online for any reason each day?

4) What would you do if you couldn’t start your car and you needed to get to work?

5) How prepared are you for accessing your class(es) if there is a technical problem?

6) If you asked someone for directions and you were having trouble understanding because of the person’s accent, what would you do?

7) If someone starts talking about PCs, Macs, browsers, adding attachments, saving a document as Rich Text Format (.rtf), etc., do you

8) If you experience a technical problem, you